High Adventure
on the water.


Whether it’s a weekend outing or a week long cruise, Sea Scouting provides the opportunity to make lifelong memories out on the water.


Scouts will learn to lead others and give back while serving the community, nation, and fellow Scouts beacuse service is a core principal of Sea Scouting.


When asked, most Sea Scouts say the best part of Sea Scouting was the friends they made, from crewmates they saw regularly, to competitors from rendezvous, to foreign Scouts they met at regattas.


Nomatter a Sea Scouts draw to the water, a future career in the military, the marine industry, or a lifelong hobby, Sea Scouting will provide them the opprotunity to choose their path and forge their future.

Where are Sea Scouts going?

Your time in Sea Scouting will be an adventure while preparing you for the future.

  • 33% of Sea Scouts are pursing a career in a STEM field 33%
  • 28% of Sea Scouts are pursuing a career in the military 28%
  • 15% of Sea Scouts are pursuing a career in the maritime industry 15%
  • 12% of Sea Scouts are pursuing a career in the medical field 12%
  • 12% of Sea Scouts are pursuing a different field 12%

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